Single Again

The Schlub is once again on his own. He struggles to maintain his new life and draw comics on the side.
Title Page for Book 4
Oct 22, 2019Single Again
Oct 30, 2019The Hard Reboot
Nov 06, 2019The Pimple Popper
Dec 25, 2019Good-Bye, Steve
Jan 01, 2020New Years Sucks
Jan 15, 2020Hulu Blues
Jan 22, 2020Safety First
Mar 11, 2020Captain Capitalism
Mar 17, 2020The Coronavirus
Mar 18, 2020Good-Bye House
Mar 24, 2020Speaking Out
Mar 25, 2020The Mastermind
Mar 26, 2020Covid 19 Response
Apr 01, 2020Social Block
Apr 01, 2020The Divorce
Apr 08, 2020The Haircut
Apr 15, 2020Corporate Safety
Apr 22, 2020Slap Science
Apr 29, 2020Niagara Falls
May 06, 2020Old Timer
May 13, 2020No More Music
May 20, 2020Increased Goals