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Schlub McSchluberson hates his mindless job so he pursues a career in self-publishing comics. However, The Schlub finds that the comic world is not as fun as he thought.

The Schlub is a weekly webcomic series by Illya King.

Schlub McSchluberson

Frustrated comic illustrator and the most boring man in the world.

Comics: 283
Recent Appearance: Soap Opera
First Appearance: The Blazing Bag of Poo


The Schlub's ex-wife who left him for her criminal boyfriend released from jail.

Comics: 131
Recent Appearance: Soap Opera
First Appearance: Chaos1975

The Blazing Bag of Poo

The villain of Supertown and archenemy of Citizen Overdrive.

Comics: 51
Recent Appearance: Poo-sidential Resolve
First Appearance: The Blazing Bag of Poo

The Boss

Manager of where The Schlub works.

Comics: 25
Recent Appearance: Jokerman
First Appearance: Overtime

Citizen Overdrive

Hero of Supertown, USA.

Comics: 24
Recent Appearance: Villain Futility pt. 4
First Appearance: Citizen Overdrive

Guy the Adventurer

RPG hero gamer character created by The Schlub.

Comics: 17
Recent Appearance: King Maker
First Appearance: Guy's Quest

Steve Politico

The Schlub's co-worker and friend.

Comics: 13
Recent Appearance: The Role Player
First Appearance: Steve Politico


The universe's greatest feline and The Schlub's cat.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Good Bye, Bazooka
First Appearance: Dream Me

Captain Capitalism

Hero of money and commerce.

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: Crime doesn't pay!
First Appearance: Poo Blues

The Therapist

The Schlub's appointed guidance counsellor.

Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: Das Comic Fans
First Appearance: The Cuckoo's Nest

The Comic Consumer

Typical fan of mainstream comics.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Eighties Cartoons
First Appearance: Carmine Infantino

Mr. Jon

The Schlub's younger brother.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: I'm Fat
First Appearance: Mr. Jon

Power Princess

Hero of Supertown and Citizen Overdrive's girlfriend.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: The Dumb Good-Bye
First Appearance: Objection

Slick Greasy

Brother of The Schlub.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Interruptions
First Appearance: The other OTHER one

Debt Monk

Servant of the holy bank.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Achievement Unlocked
First Appearance: The Debt Monk

Evil Wizard

Owner of farms and salesmen of zombie work farmers.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: King Maker
First Appearance: Breaking Bad

Aunt Eva

The Schlub's aunt.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: The Shame
First Appearance: Date Night

Smelly Bill

The Schlub's co-worker.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Speed Stick
First Appearance: Smelly Bill

William Handlebars

The Schlub's best friend.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: The Picard
First Appearance: The Master Debate